Interaction Design

Motion Design




Design an interaction within a theoretical App that utilizes IoT technology. 


I designed a not-for-profit room sharing solution (similar to Airbnb, Couchsurfing) for municipalities and neighborhood groups. Abode works by gathering data from IoT devices to create profiles of different areas of a city, based on noise levels, traffic, demographics, walkability, and local activities. With this data, Guests input their desired activities and housing preference, and Abode shows the Guest listings that are aligned to their preferences. 

To be on Abode, a host buys in to a local group to pool liability cost and make connections with other hosts to share best practices. Profits from hosting go directly to the host. This system would provide an incentive for Hosts to host, as they would be getting more income, and an incentive for Guests to rent, as they would theoretically be paying less than a traditional short-term rental. 

Process – Wireframes

I began working on wireframing the application, thinking about how the Guest would navigate through the process with trust and ease. I started working towards building custom navigation assets, but I stayed closer to the Apple Human Interface Guidelines as I progressed into higher fidelity drafts. 

Abode Wireframe Sketches

Final – App

App Showcase

After finishing the interaction, I animated, filmed, and edited a video showcasing the application.


Abode Storyboard Sketches
Dashboard Sketches008_edit

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