Packaging Design— 


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Conceptualize a brand and create a package that expresses brand ideals and good design elements.


Ideation and Form-Building

I put together a naming and experience map to identify what direction I wanted to go with the brand. After settling on a direction, I sketched out some logo ideas and started to decide on layouts and dielines.

Packaging Sketches 1

For the logo, I experimented with hand-inked lettering to emphasize an analog, rustic aesthetic.

Packaging Sketches 3

Dieline Exploration

I adapted a dieline from a packaging company to the correct size, and experimented with different materials. 

5-8oz_BagTemplate barebones_web
Artwork on Template (Lydian preserved)-02_web
Artwork on Template (Lydian preserved)-03_web
Artwork on Template (Lydian Outlined)_web
Packaging Sketches 2


NICE Tea Packaging

The final packaging reflects the ideals of the brand— a sustainable tea company for younger consumers. The design is able to be adapted across different tea offerings, and uses sustainable packaging materials. 

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NICE tea image 1
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